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Savor Creative Confections at Surreal Creamery Near Chesapeake Ridge - Chesapeake Ridge Blog

Savor Creative Confections at Surreal Creamery Near Chesapeake Ridge

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Surreal Creamery lives up to its name with every over-the-top mason jar it doles out. The signature mason jar milkshakes all come capped with a signature swirl of ice cream on top, but that’s just the beginning. Take, for example, the Chocolate Blackout. Confection artists roll that upper puff of ice cream in cocoa puffs and chocolate crunch, then stud it with a single Oreo. Just beneath the decadent top layer, a sea of soft chocolate ice cream mixes with gooey chocolate syrup.

It’s just one of the confections that will inspire you to make the drive from our Cecil County apartments to this offbeat ice cream shop. Other mason jar milkshakes feature flavors like Earl Grey tea, Fruity Pebbles, matcha, and even taro root. Then there are the signature Floteas, a much sweeter take on your traditional bubble tea. They combine elements like a foundation of brown sugar ice cream with a cap of Earl Grey ice cream or Thai milk bubble tea with a dollop of Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream on top. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a dessert that both satisfies and surprises your sweet tooth, Surreal Creamery is the spot.

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