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Creating and Remembering Summer Memories - Chesapeake Ridge Blog

Creating and Remembering Summer Memories

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Happy August Chesapeake Ridge! It is sadly the last full month of the summer season, but don’t fret! There is still so much fun to be had and memories to create. We are hoping that our community members are able to create new summer memories, and reflect on some old ones. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.


Some of my favorite summer memories come from when I was little and would visit with my Aunt and Uncle. My family and I lived in Pennsylvania while my Aunt, Uncle, and their kids lived in New Jersey. So, every summer we would visit them for a long weekend. They lived near a lake so we would go swimming, bounce on a trampoline on the water, and attempt to dive off the high-dive. When I tried to perform a dive off the highest board, and couldn’t, my cousin told me it was just because I didn’t believe enough. That’s still something we joke about to this day. 


There are also some summer memories I have made as recent as this year! This summer, I worked on some passion projects, practicing my graphic design skills and continued working on my short film script. I spent time relaxing by reading books like They Both Die At The End and Red, White & Royal Blue, listening to new music like Feed the Beast by Kim Petras and Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo, and going to the movies to see No Hard Feelings, The Little Mermaid, and Barbie. 


Chesapeake Ridge hopes by sharing some summer memories that our community members are inspired to look back on their fondest summer memories and are encouraged to continue to create more this August.

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