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Laugh Along to A Christmas Story the Musical on December 15th - Chesapeake Ridge Blog

Laugh Along to A Christmas Story the Musical on December 15th

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If you grew up watching Ralphie Parker salivate over the Official Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun every holiday season, you’re in luck. This December, the Tidewater Players are recreating this classic holiday movie onstage, but with a musical twist. You won’t want to miss the Tidewater Players present: A Christmas Story the Musical at the Cultural Center at the Opera House this December.

There’s just one show on Thursday, December 15th at 8 p.m., so you’ll probably want to snag your tickets now! The musical follows the same storyline as the cult-favorite holiday movie, telling the story of school-aged Ralphie as he begs for a BB gun for the holidays, a toy that everyone’s convinced will “shoot his eye out.” Meanwhile, his old man is busy winning a major award—a tassel-encircled leg lamp enrobed in a provocative fishnet stocking. But the musical interludes depart from the family film. Wait in anticipation for the old man’s moment to shine, when he embarks on a hallucinated dance number with his wife dressed as the leg lamp—from a classy ballet number to a raucous can-can. It’s a hilarious holiday performance you won’t want to miss. Tickets start at $18.

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