Don’t Miss the Famous Crab Cakes at Woody’s Crab House Near Chesapeake Ridge

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Given that North East was established as a fishing village, it should come as no surprise that the town boasts some of the best seafood in the Chesapeake Bay region. For the best of the best, head to Woody’s Crab House. This local watering hole has earned top honors from customers time and time again thanks to its fresh fish and shellfish.

The crab cakes are particularly famous, which is why they’re actually shipped all over the country! Since your Cecil County apartments are within a stone’s throw of the eatery, you can get them fresh. Before digging into the signature crab cakes, warm up with a starter such as the seafood and avocado flatbread—it’s loaded with plump shrimp, scallops, and lump crab meat—or the crunchy coconut shrimp. You might also want to start with a few fresh oysters. Then dig into the broiled crab cakes with a fluffy baked potato and grilled veggies on the side. You can also crack open whole Chesapeake Bay blue crabs or crab legs, or try the crab au giant or soft shell crabs instead.

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