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Lums Pond State Park: A Natural Oasis Near Your Apartment in Maryland - Chesapeake Ridge Blog

Lums Pond State Park: A Natural Oasis Near Your Apartment in Maryland

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If you’re craving some time to convene with nature without venturing too far from your Chesapeake Bay apartment, the options are virtually endless at Lums Pond State Park. Home to the state’s largest millpond, this beloved state park boasts a bevy of trails for all types of outdoor recreation, not to mention a few options for water-top and even tree-top fun!

Hikers should head to the 6.4-mile trail that loops around the central pond. You don’t necessarily need to complete the entire loop—traveling just a mile or two into the untamed wilderness will showcase the diverse habitats that reside along the shores of the pond. Bringing your bike along? Check out the same challenging Swamp Forest Trail by bike or take it a little easier on the flat Little Jersey Trail, which stretches for a full eight miles. If you’d rather see the pond up close and personal, rent a kayak, a canoe, or a pedalboat and get out on the waves. You might even spot a Great Blue Heron along the way! For thrillseekers, Go Ape’s Adventure Park boasts ropes courses and ziplines you won’t want to miss. It’s all waiting for you at Lums Pond State Park.

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