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What To Do This Weekend Near Chesapeake Ridge: Visit Plumpton Park Zoo! - Chesapeake Ridge Blog

What To Do This Weekend Near Chesapeake Ridge: Visit Plumpton Park Zoo!

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May 17th, 2021

“Get close to the animals,” writes Plumpton Park Zoo of what you can expect from a visit. “Hand feed the giraffe, see the tigers playing, and much more.”

A “zoo with a heart,” Plumpton Park Zoo stands out from other attractions near Chesapeake Ridge due to their concern for the creatures. As one Yelp reviewer puts it, they “rescued animals instead of bringing them in like major zoos. They love what they do being a lot of volunteers.”

In fact, it’s because of these volunteers that Plumpton Park Zoo can welcome you. In 2010, the Zoo closed for a time as its owner was at an age where they could no longer manage it. When the Lacovara family purchased the property to reopen Plumpton Park Zoo, they depended on volunteers and passionate people throughout the community to recreate this place of refuge for hundreds of animals.

With a picnic area where you can enjoy a meal, Plumpton Park Zoo features a wide assortment of animals, including many you wouldn’t meet elsewhere. From peacocks to pythons, there’s an animal here you’ll be excited to meet. And, thanks to the generosity of those involved and the wider community, you can rest assured they’ll be well-taken care of, too.

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